The Best Christmas message is one that comes in the silence of our hearts and tenderly warms the hearts of those who follow us in our journey through life.
Merry Christmas!


Hey everyone! I finally reached 600 followers! Thank you so much to you all for helping me reach this. To celebrate, I decided to another FF~
Hope you guys like it!

Special shout out to these amazing people for making my Tumblr experience so enjoyable:

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Thank you so so much for being such great friends; you all mean so much to me.

Now for the lovely people I follow. In bold are those I appreciate a lot.

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Hope you all have a great day. Thank you! Love from Yumi.


Hunter x Hunter characters (drawn by an animator who works on the series)


Help him, make him feel a little better, if you can
Only you can do that now! no one else can do it,
I can’t .. Do anything!  

You have it easy, Killua.

You’re perfectly calm.

Since it means nothing to you..


「 Please try to remember that word I loved 
Happy birthday Bruna


Magi: Dungeon & Magic.


and then the best for last




we had a very UNbusy day today at work so many doodles were had


 ItaSasu Month


(Fonte: yuiayanami)



but how are you friends with somebody for years and not realize they are genocidal 

The Boys of Free! are now back for their Second Season!

(Fonte: lordzuuko)

favorite naruto fights - 3/all

↪ naruto x kakuzu

(Fonte: nawakis)